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How to care for your alpaca and wool

How to care for your alpaca and wool

How to care for your alpaca and wool


Alpaca fibre is different from sheep wool as it has no lanolin, making it hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin, particularly babies. It is much smoother which dramatically reduces the itch factor. The fibre also has a hollow core meaning that it thermo-regulates, keeping you warm and insulated in winter and cool in summer. It’s also incredibly soft and luxurious to wear and does not bobble or pill.




You should always use cool water to wash alpaca wool.

Never use biological or enzyme containing washing powders or liquids, use a good non biological product or specialist wool wash product.

For the best results, always hand wash 100% alpaca wool clothing.

Rinse the item well in cool water until there is no soapy residue left.

Do not twist or wring the product, gently squeeze it to remove excess water.

Lay the alpaca wool garment flat on a towel and then gently roll the towel up with the garment inside (like a sausage). Press gently to help remove the water from the garment. You may need to repeat the process with another dry towel depending on the size of the garment and the amount of water remaining.

Air dry the alpaca wool garment flat. Do not dry it on a radiator or in front of a fire as this will damage the fibre. Never tumble dry alpaca wool.

Never use bleach on alpaca wool.





Make sure they’re clean

Moths are attracted to body and food smells left in the fibre after wearing.

Store socks flat, not rolled into balls. Balling up socks can distort the shape. We recommend storing sweaters flat, too.

Use vacuum-packed bags or boxes

This helps protect your clothes, keeping them in tip-top condition. If your wool clothes are in storage for a year or more, it’s a good idea to let them air out for a bit before re-packing for storage.

Include some cedar

The heartwood of cedar helps keep out moths and other creatures that potentially harm your hibernating clothes.

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